The Kashmir angle bears watching too. But since then, there has been quiet. It is important to stymie any mischievous new process in the bud. That alone is not conclusive. Only a few days earlier, there had been a carjacking of an SUV in Punjab and a grenade of a similar type as used against the Nirankaris, while at prayer, had been found. Amarinder Singh has spoken of the grenades bearing similarity with those made by the Pakistan Ordnance Factory.. The Nirankari congregation made a Slide bearing parts Suppliers soft target.Grenade-hurling by motorcycle-borne trained men is back after an interregnum of “hard-earned peace”, to use chief minister Amarinder Singh’s telling words.

The target was a congregation, not an individual. This may suggest an attempt to incite faith-based conflagrations, a political motive. The most likely motive is to sow fear and chaos. However, targeting people at prayer is a common practice of Pakistan-trained terrorists, whether in Pakistan itself or in Afghanistan or Kashmir."Chinese officials have repeatedly said the Belt and Road is purely an economic project with peaceful intent. But with its plan for Pakistan, China is for the first time explicitly tying a Belt and Road proposal to its military ambitions - and confirming the concerns of a host of nations who suspect the infrastructure initiative is really about helping China project armed might," the report said.